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I am a self taught artist and have been creating something from nothing all of my life.  The aromas of a fresh box of Crayons, Elmer’s Glue, Silly putty and Play-doe, early on, was like opening a door to a different universe, a world in which I made the rules.  I was always making “stuff” as far back as I can remember.  If I don’t create, I start to feel like someone is holding a pillow over my face. All this I am sure was a resourceful escape from my dysfunctional, misspent toddlerhood from which I have, mostly, happily, recovered.

Even though I create the things I want to see and touch, the biggest charge I have always gotten is seeing other people respond to what I have made.  I’m tickled when someone “gets it”.

I think art should be a part of everyday life, something to stumble upon while toiling away at work.  It’s the little mental lift that everyone needs throughout the day, an unexpected departure from the hum-drum.  If something makes me laugh I can almost guarantee it will end up in my art. I gravitate to the “subtle quirks” in life.

Ideas can come from almost anywhere.  A book I’m reading, music, someone wearing a horrible outfit, my crazy dogs, a fleeting visual of anything, anywhere.   I am usually struck by a feeling from what I am seeing or hearing and want to recreate that feeling through my art.  I don’t do a lot of sketches, almost never unless it is a complicated piece.  I will ponder on it, mentally creating it, re-arranging, making changes, until I get this feeling of “Viola!”  Then, I start to work on it with the enthusiasm of my vision spurring me on.  Often it takes on a whole new life of its own and goes another direction dragging me along with it, paint, brushes and pencils flying.  I just go with it.  In the end, when it says to me “Is this what you meant?”  I know it is finished.  For several years now, gooey, brilliant, pungent oils and the wonderful, never-run-out-of-anything, non-tactile, non-toxic world of Photoshop are my favorite sand boxes in which to play.

I  jump around between subject matter, I like to challenge myself and I get bored thinking about the same thing. You won’t find 17 paintings of a tree in a field with my name on it. Not that there is anything wrong with that, just not my thing. I am sure this works against me as far as the gallery scene is concerned but it is what it is.  Life is short, stay excited.

 There are a wide variety of high quality products available. Choose from the more traditional posters and canvas prints to T-shirts, aprons, stationary, postage stamps, bags, coffee mugs, dog clothes and much more. Use your own creativity to customize your item. Enjoy volume discounts (does not have to be the same item) and 24 hour turn around on most orders with a 30 day return policy. Most importantly, have fun!

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